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Learn the WealthPlan™ Way to trade with the trend on our daily LIVE call with R for 30 minutes at market open. You'll hear from other traders and be able to see verified profit reports with entries, exits and timestamps.

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Options trading is often intimidating for beginners

Join a transparent and helpful community of traders and investors that will answer your questions and help you develop the right mindset on your path to consistent profitability.

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We pride ourselves in accessibility, affordability, and a focus on helping traders with smaller accounts. Our trading floor is for any level of trader, regardless of experience.

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Here's what you'll get when you join our Trading Floor

Expect tremendous educational quality and value for your subscription.


Live stream of R's chart and profit/loss report

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Live Q&A with R & other experienced traders

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Here's how our Trading Floor works

  • Once you join, you'll be upgraded to the Premium role in our Discord.
  • Once upgraded, make sure to find the '🪄 | live-trading' voice channel.
  • Join this channel at 9:15am EST every morning that the market is open.
  • Watch & learn as traders enter and exit their trades + share their P/L.
  • Always feel free to ask any questions you may have during the call.
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Transparent Trades

Please review the following timestamps, entries, exits, expiration dates, strikes, limit prices, and daily P/L for trades from the WealthPlan™ Trading Floor.