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There is currently a wait list to work one-on-one with R as part of our WealthPlan™ ELITE mentorship program.

Unless you have been referred by an existing WealthPlan ELITE mentee, a short interview with R is required to bypass the wait list.

Testimonials →

Please consider the following feedback from program participants before applying:

Yohana Gebremicael
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Atlanta, GA

“I've had an amazing time as a mentee so far. I already feel like it's changing my life and outlook on money and investing. During my 1:1 calls, Ryan shared with me that there are two ways you can look at life… through a lens of scarcity or through a lens of abundance. This has helped me better manage my finances and professional opportunities.

Ryan is the type of mentor to give you actionable items that you can execute to grow as an individual and grow your net worth. I feel like my entire outlook on life has changed for the better. I filed my LLC last year with Ryan on the phone walking me through it. I've been learning so many different trading and investing strategies and I can't wait to see where this goes. I am thankful to be a part of this mentorship program and this is just the beginning. It’s only up from here! Thanks so much!”

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Tyeisha Marshall
Registered Nurse
Westbury, NY

“Ryan is humble and patient. It has been a blessing to learn from someone that is well-educated, motivated and truly has a passion for people of color.  He hasn't allowed his many accomplishments or his wealth to keep him from wanting to befriend those he is teaching.

I have been in other financial planning programs, but WealthPlan™ ELITE surpasses them all.  This program is affordable and personable. I also have a lifetime membership and can keep my access to such a wonderful person like Ryan.

As a registered nurse, I was generally unfamiliar with financial terms. There were basic things that I didn't understand. I was embarrassed due to my lack of knowledge. But Ryan made things simple for me. He walked me step-by-step on our weekly calls and he and his team are easily accessible. Ryan holds me accountable and reminds me of my goals even when I'm lacking discipline. I'm thankful for taking the leap into joining WealthPlan™ and I know it was only God that introduced me to Ryan and this life changing program.”

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Johnny Briseno
Electrical Engineer
San Diego, CA

“Ryan’s hands-on approach and understanding of investing is unparalleled. The weekly WealthPlan™ ELITE mentorship program helped me establish a rule-based framework while reformulating my perspective on market dynamics. From innovative strategies to simple tax advantaged vehicles, the content & curriculum is dynamic and unique to R’s IP. Whether you’re an early investor or a late-stage retiree, WealthPlan™ offers generational-wealth building tools and fosters a diverse supportive community.”

Robert Manning II
Product Development Engineer
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

“Hey Ryan! Wow, I just want to take this time to thank you for being my mentor. I was reviewing my trades in my journal and in the past twelve days I traded, I made almost 12 grand! $11,502 to be exact and that's all because of your teaching and help! I'm beyond excited for the future and what I can do with this...I mean, I've never made that much money ever in that amount of time span. The sheer thought of it almost brings me to tears, man thank you so much, R 🙏🏾 you truly changed my life.”

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WealthPlan™ Elite is an immersive, high-touch program designed to deliver personalized financial education with one goal in mind: accelerated growth of capital using R's proprietary investing and options strategies.


Personal mentorship from a seasoned entrepreneur, investor & options trader

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Weekly check-ins to ensure that your progress is tangible and your results are measurable

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Full disclosure of investment and trading decisions in R's live brokerage accounts

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Additional feedback from R's mentees:

Liz Graham
Software Engineer
Pomona, NY

"I initially was introduced to WealthPlan™ back in January 2020 at an event in NYC. At the time I was looking to network and meet new people, never did I imagine this would be the start to a pivotal shift to my financial perspective. Within 1 year, I joined the ELITE mentorship program in which I met Ryan for weekly 1:1 training. This really helped to give me a microscopic view into my finances, saving habits and assets that I’ve maintained as a single, working mom.

As I began joining the live trading calls I was impressed with the measure of guidance and expertise that WealthPlan™ provides with teaching core fundamentals and strategies to utilize for short and long-term investing. Overall my financial life has 360 changed I would say; every aspect of my life I am becoming more confident and knowledgeable in building towards financial freedom. I’m forever grateful to Ryan and the team for providing such a life-changing opportunity!"

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Daniel Estigoy
Business Owner
Edgewood, WA

“Before joining WealthPlan™ ELITE, I was already trading options with getting ok results. When I found out Ryan had a 1-on-1 mentorship program teaching options I jumped on the opportunity. What I've learned from this program is so valuable and changed how I view investing as well because now it's not only about consistent profits but also about having the right mindset to be successful in investing.

To be able to trade every morning with R alongside other mentees accelerated my learning curve and growth as a trader. I really like how I've learned strategies both short-term and long-term on how to build wealth. I’m taking every opportunity to learn all the signals and strategies, looking forward to learning as much as I can!”

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Luc Detiger
Marketing Consultant
New York, NY

“My name is Luc and I'm 20 years old, and I've been a part of the WealthPlan™ community for just around one year. I came to this program with what I thought was a pretty decent knowledge about personal finances, but after just one session with Ryan and the team, a whole new world was opened.

WealthPlan™ ELITE isn't really like any other program. The information that is provided from Ryan and the community in general is undoubtedly the most valuable and important information I've ever heard in my life. I currently go to New York University, and I can confidently say that no business class that I've taken there has come close to leaving a lasting impact than what I've learned here.”

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