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The exact system we use to consistently grow $3k to $30k+ over the course of one trading year by taking one trade per day with one ticker only.

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Join the WealthPlan™ 5-Day Options Challenge and discover the power of trading for income using options

APR 17 - APR 21, 2023



Chart a Pathway to Profitability

Learn how to manage the risk and reward associated with options trading in this exclusive week-long educational event hosted by the WealthPlan™ Team

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The screenshot above shows the unrealized profit as of July 5, 2022 on options purchased by the WealthPlan™ Team on Friday, July 1, 2022


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Here's What You'll Get Over 5 Days

Whether a beginner or a trader with experience, we'll show you one of the simplest techniques we use to trade options the WealthPlan™ Way

Day 1 - Setup

Set up your brokerage account to trade the WealthPlan™ strategy

Day 2 - Mindset

Discover how a rule-based system can protect your portfolio

Day 3 - Math

Learn how to quickly calculate and select high probability trades

Day 4 - Mechanics

Take a high conviction trade with R for $100k profit in simulation

Day 5 - Recap

Test your knowledge of the covered concepts with a short quiz + Q&A

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JOIN US APR 17 - APR 21, 2023

Join a nightly 1 hour training and Q&A with R and the WealthPlan™ coaches 


$197 ONLY

9:00PM - 10:00PM EST

  • 5 days of live training
  • Simple strategy guidelines
  • Private discord channel
  • Concierge support
  • Nightly Q&A with R
  • 1:1 coaching with a mentor

Your Options Coach

During one of the most volatile and historically downtrending years in the stock market, R has earned more than $500K in realized options trading gains in 2022. His live calls at market open have served as an example to WealthPlan™ mentees of the profit potential in disciplined trading and measured risk management.

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"Very informative and of course, mind blowing!" - Dominee

We pride ourselves in accessibility and affordability. Our 5-Day Challenge is for any level of trader.

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Common Questions

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$3k $58k in 2022

Join our 5-Day Options Challenge to learn how to buy & sell options the WealthPlan™ Way

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