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Work directly with R in a small group setting to develop your ability to profitably navigate the stock market for 30%+ annual returns and weekly trading income.

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WealthPlan™ PRO is an immersive twelve-week group coaching program designed to deliver high-quality education and training with one goal in mind: accelerated growth of capital using R's proprietary investing and options strategy.

PRO is focused on two main outcomes for mentees: consistent weekly trading income of at least $1,250 and annual returns of 30%+ on long-term investment accounts.

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WealthPlan™ PRO starts with brief call with a coach via zoom. Applicants are encouraged to ask questions about the program and discuss their income, investing and trading goals.

Following the webinar, interested applicants may put down a deposit to secure their place in the cohort.


Once enrolled, mentees review the most common mistakes made by traders and retail investors. They are then coached on strategies designed to counteract those mistakes and achieve consistent profits and accelerated portfolio growth over time.


Through daily group trading calls via zoom, detailed trade journaling, and weekly coaching sessions, mentees develop habits that enable them to continue the growth of their accounts long after completing the program.

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Chris Hill
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

"My experience with WealthPlan™ has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve been trading options now for about 3 years, but never really had a mentor or a great community like this one. I’ve learned to trade with minimal risks, stay consistent, journal all my entries, and be consistent! I want to thank R and the entire WealthPlan™ team for giving me a clear path to achieving the financial freedom that I was not able to achieve on my own."

Rohini Escalante
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

“Coming from a real estate background, I wanted to join a program that would help me learn how to trade options and to diversify my income. I was referred to PRO through a friend and I'm so glad I joined! I've enrolled in other courses before but none of them offer the type of 1:1 support and comradery this community offers. After spending sometime trading in simulation, I was ready for live trading. As I'm writing this, looking at my journal, I made $6,141 in profits this past month!! I'm so excited I just want to continue learning and becoming a better trader and investor! THANK YOU to Ryan & the team for all your coaching and guidance!”

Zachary McGowan
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

“WealthPlan™ PRO was one of the most valuable investments I made in the past 10 years. This live program silences all of the “digital noise” that’s spouted throughout the Internet from self proclaimed “gurus.” Ryan Leslie (and his team) LITERALLY invest their own capital and time to develop strategies that help investors at any level become smart and profitable investors.

Throughout my time in WealthPlan™ PRO, Ryan presented himself as the financial mentor I NEVER had. R’s commitment to educating and empowering members to rethink everything they knew about the American financial system was an element that I most appreciated during our weekly live calls. WealthPlan™ PRO picks up where the classroom dropped us off.

This program is continued education and community. An investment in WealthPlan™ PRO is an investment in a compass that’ll navigate you to financial freedom. Thank you!!”

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Lisa Mays
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

I’m fairly new to the stock market and wanted to learn more about how to build my investments and manage my portfolios. I previously didn’t do anything in this space beyond participating in my employer sponsored 401k. I knew I needed exposure to trading and investing, but I didn’t know how or where to get started. After spending sometime learning how to analyze the right companies, how stocks move & trading options - I knew that I didn’t want to get left behind from the opportunities in the market. I knew Ryan was brilliant but after learning the level of service the team provides, daily, I'm confident this is the space for me. I’ve found an amazingly supportive community within WealthPlan. I’m learning a high value skill and I’m excited and committed in building! Thank you!

Jermaine Braggs
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

“A few months ago, I decided that I needed to learn how to better invest my money. I knew I wanted my money to work for me but I didn’t know where to start. I’ve been following WealthPlan™ on their Discord channel for a while and when I received an invite to learn more about their mentorship program, I enrolled in PRO. 

I was able to learn about different strategies for investing my money and find the ones that worked best for me and my goals. The mentorship is personalized and individualized to what I’m looking to achieve with my finances. The support is top-notch too. I’m more confident in my abilities to invest and trade my money, and I know that I am on my way to building wealth for myself and my family. 

WealthPlan™ PRO has taught me everything I need to know about investing and trading my money - from the basics all the way up to more advanced strategies. Thank you for everything!”

Idris Abioye
WealthPlan™ PRO Graduate

“Before I joined WealthPlan, I joined other stock market trading programs but something was missing for me. I wanted to learn how to find opportunities in the market and make my own decisions instead of just following trade call outs.

I've been following WealthPlan for a while now and decided I’d make the move and get started. I enrolled in the coaching program to help me with accountability, guidance and to improve my skillset. This program gave me the step by step guidance necessary to trade & invest the right way. I learned a lot about mindset and trading strategies I didn't know about before and I'm looking forward to what's next for me.”

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Group coaching, community, and strategies for income generation, portfolio preservation & growth.

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Learn buy-side trading strategies & low-risk sell-side strategies for instant income

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Feel confident in your ability to responsibly navigate the stock market

Portfolio Preservation

Learn portfolio preservation strategies to hedge against market downturns

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